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Sgt. Eric Eliot

Service Number 771810

Aged 32

Air Gunner

Buried at Makkum, Holland


Whilst working at Number 2 Technical School at RAF Karachi in the late 1930s, Sgt. Eliot took a keen interest in the state of European politics and watched the build up of German forces, ending with the invasion of Poland. During the next few years, Sgt. Eliot monitored the developments in Europe and, increasingly, felt that he was not contributing enough to the war effort. In 1942 he applied for a transfer back to England and also into aircrew, where he thought he could be of more use. His application was accepted and, on his return to England, he was sent on a course to become an Air Gunner.

Little is shown in the records regarding Sgt. Eliot's career, and I have not been able to find any information prior to his joining 161 Squadron, other than that he transferred to 161 Sqdn. from No. 31 Base.

He is buried at Makkum, Holland.





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