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Name: john
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Thanks for posting the great website. Just found my Uncle John was in the 161 squadron too. He was lost a couple weeks after your uncle.

Pilot Officer John Bruce GRADY. 1918-1944  Royal Canadian Air Force, attd. Royal Air Force. Aged 26. Son of John Earle and Mary Lulu Grady of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Base: Tempsford, Bedfordshire
Sqdn: 161, Bomber Command
Aircraft; Halifax, Mark V, serial number LL358
Target: SOE
Incident: Crashed at Cugny, Aisne on 9th Aug. 1944


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Name: Kelvin Youngs
Web Site: Aircrew Remembrance Society
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: What a fine website and very well laid out. I understand that a great deal of research has gone into this and we are pleased that our Society will also be working with you in the future.
Well done on some great work to these, perhaps otherwise forgotten, heroes of our past.

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Name: jean michel dominique
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A great site of remembrance and tribute to all those obscure and gallant women and men. I had the opportunity lately to talk to an ex-member of SOE (Belgian) and he told me fascinating stories and 'tricks of the trade'. May all the 138 and 168 Squadrons' casualties be remembered for their courage and self-sacrifice. Lest we forget.

JM Dominique (Brussels)

PS/ I will try to photograph and send you the headstones of Ash, Champion, Weddell and Wilkinson who rest in Brussels (Evere) Town Cemetery (the only 161 crew buried there)

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Name: bob maddux
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Visitor Comments: thanks

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Name: Peter Webb
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Hello there,

I find your site very interesting. I have an uncle who was a Hudson pilot with the squadron in 1944/45 and he put me on to G. McCall's book, which I have just finished. These remarkable, brave young men; their back up personnel and the courageous allies they helped in occcupied mainland Europe are an example to us all.

Well done for helping preserve their memory.


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Name: Bernard Mc Hugh
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Brilliant memorial to those brave men.

As for site rating - all I would say is, who am I to rate this site when you consider the sacrifice these brave men made.


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Name: Jane Kleyn
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I read the information on your site with interest and wondered whether you or any of your readers could assist me in finding out information about Margaret Kleyn. I am adopted, and only three years ago discovered the following stories about her.

Her army records shows she was transferred out of the Auxilliary Territorial Services in November 1943 and there is no further records of her service and movements after that.  However in September 1944 she was promoted to A/Junior Commander.  There are also family stories about her working for Dutch intelligence and going to Arnhem just prior to the Market Garden campaign.

I have searched through the SOE personnel records at The National Archives at Kew, and found nothing. 

Any information about her and her activities would be much appreciated.


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Name: Janet Angelini
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Thank you so much for this fascinating website.  My uncle is also remembered at Runnymede and I have ordered copies of the book for myself and my second cousin who was a WAAF in the war and has so many memories.

Best wishes

Janet Angelini

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Name: Miranda Bruce-Mitford
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: A very interesting website. I'm sure it will prove moving and inspiring and to many people who lost family and friends from the squadron. Well done.

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